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Inspired by adventuring around the world in nothing more than a bikini, Bikini Adventures is now connecting the adventurer within you to a handpicked selection of boutique travel destinations off the beaten track, through storytelling and travel guides.
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  • “Where are you from?” I asked the broad blonde in the bar. “Waihi” he repeated. I continued to stare blankly at this lovely man. His voice had hints of an English accent, so perhaps Waihi was somewhere in the UK. He responded to my blank look by continuing to explain, “It’s a......

  • I’m lucky enough to reside on Manly Beach, chasing waves, dipping in and out of the salt, and exploring a plethora of coves and nature walks. I want those visiting to experience what it’s like to be a local here, and not a tourist. So I......

  • Hidden behind Shellharbour and bound by lush rolling green hills lies 265 hectares of pristine coastal reserve, that is Killalea State Park. Only 1.5hrs from Sydney, it is no effort to drive here for a weekend getaway. It is about 10 minutes north of Kiama,......

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The ultimate New Zealand Road Trip

We travelled more than 5,000kms, across two islands, itched our way through 100s of sandfly bites, survived severe storms on a remote beach, caught some of the best waves of our life, tasted the regional wines, achieved my dream Pocahontas swan dive, jumped off too many cliffs, swam with the smallest and rarest dolphins in the world, attempted to converse with pup seals and much more.

Crescent Head
Crescent Head Surf Road Trip

Situated half way between Sydney and Byron Bay on the NSW North Coast, Crescent Head is a perfect long weekend escape from the hustle and bustle of city life or a mandatory pitt stop on an East Coast road trip.

Travel Guides

We are passionate about exploring places off the beaten track, however  navigating through unfamiliar destinations can be daunting, especially for a solo female traveller. Our free travel guides equip you with the knowledge you need to travel like a local.

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica Travel Guide
Manly Beach

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