Inspired by adventuring around the world in nothing more than a bikini, Bikini Adventures is now connecting the adventurer within you to a selection of boutique surf wear brands, empowering women to easily find functional and stylish swimwear, fit for your next adventure!

We are sisters, ocean lovers and adventure seekers.

Born and raised as Sydney-siders on Manly Beach, we grew up with salty skin, surf wax smeared into our nails and seaweed in our hair. We owned more bikini’s than shoes. For as long as we can remember, the ocean has been our playground.

We both grew up as competitive swimmers. When training 7 times a week and staring down a black line became monotonous, a love for ocean swimming and surfing evolved. 

Surfing is soothing, meditative and empowering, and we quickly became addicted to the power of salt water therapy. Surfing paves the way to respect the ocean and relinquish control. You are at the mercy of mother nature, who can either offer silky smooth conditions or be ferocious. Despite her mood swings, the ocean became our happy place. A temple. And most of all, it empowered strength and confidence.

“A collection of our favourite surfwear and adventures, empowering women to easily find stylish and functional surf wear, fuelling their next adventure with comfort and confidence.”

Paddling out, it’s rare to see other females. When we have the pleasure, a simple nod is exchanged, symbolising the appreciation of one another in a male dominated line up. Female company in the surf, consisted mainly of each other. Our other surfing friends were guys, and while it was fun being part of their crew, we craved other women to join us in saltwater therapy. 

The other constant struggle was finding stylish yet practical swim and surf wear that stayed on, was comfortable and equipped us with the confidence to believe we had a worthy place in the line up among men. There were many beautiful resort-style swimwear to choose from, however we would settle for surfing in t-shirts and singlets, with our red chlorine resistant Speedo one-piece being the most exciting item to wear!

To look stylish in the surf often meant wearing impractical swimwear. Tackling the whitewash was the ultimate test, which frequently involved swimwear falling to our ankles and a quick glance to check there were no nip slips…The struggle was real! 

Surfing at home and around the world in Hawaii, Mentawais, Bali, New Zealand, Morocco, Portugal, Iceland, Mexico, Costa Rica, and El Salvador has enabled us to discover other female surfers, the rise of sustainable and stylish surf wear fashion, surf destinations, and female retreats. We had to be part of it all!

In an effort to be part of it all, we have firstly carefully sourced a range of swim and surfwear brands that practice sustainability, champion women’s surfing, and create products that are practical, durable, and flattering. The sustainability of our sourced products helps feed the soul as you know you’re investing in a product that is helping the environment.

Lagoon Designs

And secondly, in an effort to share our passion for travel, surfing, and the ocean, we have curated bespoke travel destinations and authentic experiences to inspire your next adventure.

To all the other ocean lovers and adventure seekers out there, here’s to finding your favourite bikini so you can embrace your next adventure, with comfort and confidence.

Love Bec & Rach x