The Ultimate Manly Travel Guide - Bikini Adventures
From surfing, snorkelling, diving, sailing and more, explore all the bikini adventures around the world
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The Ultimate Manly Travel Guide

The Ultimate Manly Travel Guide

I’m lucky enough to reside on Manly Beach, chasing waves, dipping in and out of the salt, and exploring a plethora of coves and nature walks.

I want those visiting to experience what it’s like to be a local here, and not a tourist. So I created my Manly Travel Guide, complete with my favourite adventures including where to surf and snorkel, the best local walking track, secret beach locations, and places to drink, dine, dance, stay and shop.

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Manly Beach
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Bec Mangan

Bec Mangan is a travel writer and blogger who has set out to share her passion for travel, freedom, surfing, the ocean, and bikinis by creating Bikini Adventures.
She has a deep appreciation for good web design, loves creating content and storytelling so she designed and built her Bikini Adventures website herself as a creative outlet to publish parts of her travel journals, blog about new adventures, curate her favourite boutique brands and travel products. It is a platform where anyone longing for liberation from the day to day, can seek freedom and inspiration through her content.

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