Pura Vida :: Bikini Adventures in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
Another blog post from Bikini Adventures - Surfing and jumping off waterfalls in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
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Pura Vida :: Costa Rica

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Pura Vida :: Costa Rica

I have been to Costa Rica twice and only to one place. Santa Teresa is my secret place of my amazingness.

She is defined by her beautiful long white sand beach, her roaring waves, and her dirt road speckled with gorgeous cafe’s, restaurants and shops, running parallel to the beach. Visitors and locals cruise up and down the road, creating a dust cloud that sprinkles over every soul.

It’s a place that traps you. The ocean and her waves trap you. The lifestyle traps you and the energy traps you.

The question is not “How long have you been traveling?” but “How long have you been in Santa Teresa?”

Most people lose track. The days blend together. The hours lost to countless surfs, countless sunsets and countless coco locos.

Most people arrive as travellers, seeking freedom from urban stress. And now they are locals, trapped by her charm, never leaving and living “Pura Vida”.

Download our travel guide below for more information on this amazing destination.

Go slow...enjoy the ride

Free travel guide

From surfing, sunsets and searching for waterfalls, Santa Teresa in Costa Rica is a beautiful place off the beaten track.

It is the perfect blend of authentic central america mixed with just enough infrastructure (such as cafe’s, shops, restaurants, yoga studios) to feel comfortable.

This travel guide provides you with insider knowledge on getting there, the best time to travel, places to sleep and eat, and of course, local style.

Montezuma Falls
Bec Mangan

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