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To inspire love and freedom for creative expression

GypsyLovinLight is the creative expression of Helen Bense. Her style, entrepreneurial spirit and way of life have completely captivated us and we have the privilege of catching up with Helen on style, travel, health and family.

We’re in awe of your entrepreneurial spirit and establishing your online jewellery store and blog. What led you to take the leap and start this?

Thank you. It all began in a very organic way. I was taking a photo of my hand one day and just enjoying how cool my rings looked under the light. I decided to post to Instagram and from there that one photo spread. Soon I was taking outfit photos and gathering the momentum that was soon to become GypsyLovinLight. I was simply doing what I was loving. And to this day that is still why I do it. Because I love it.

Soon after the Instagram posts were going viral I decided to start my blog and it’s been the best outlet for me to express my creative passions. The shop has been a wonderful addition too, where I’ve been able to bring together all my favourite jewellery designers into one place. It’s been a lot of fun for me to create this and watch it grow.


What is/are your sources of inspiration for your style?

People who are unapologetically themselves. Anyone who can own their space and be themselves without worrying about what someone else thinks, really inspires me. I think the more we fearlessly follow our unique calling the more we give permission for others to do the same.

My aesthetic is heavily influenced by nature…my love of the ocean can be seen in all the white and blue tones I wear in both the clothing and jewellery that I showcase.


What do you love most about the ocean?

There is nothing more healing and grounding for me than standing barefoot on the sand, breathing in that fresh air, listening to the waves crashing, and watching the sunrise and set over the horizon. All I have to do is show up and it takes all my worries away in an instant.


What is your favourite bikini adventure?

Body surfing. Riding waves like a mermaid (or pretending to haha!) helps me tap into the natural rhythm and pace of life. It slows me down and reminds me what is most important in life.


What is your favourite travel experience off the beaten track and why was it so unique?

My favourite spot we ever discovered off the beaten path was in Julia Pfeiffer State Park in Big Sur, California. After hiking amongst the redwood trees, we must have crossed the river about 6 times before we stumbled upon the most crystal clear aqua lagoon walled in by huge granite rocks. It was the perfect place to laze after a long hike with a little  waterfall and rock jumps into the lagoon. So much fun and so unexpected. I think that is what made it so memorable to me.

Also this place is not really off the beaten track, but it is one of my most treasured travel memories. About 13 years ago I drove a ’76 kombi crossing the continental divide along the ‘going to the sun’ road at Glacier National Park in the Rocky Mountains. I was actually crying the entire time in complete awe as I drove at 65,00ft+ through snow, meadows, with views of waterfalls, rainbows, glaciers, and the finale was the sun setting over the horizon. It touched my soul on such a deep level I will never forget it.


As you live in WA, can you tell us a local tip or special place about travelling to Western Australia?

Go to Rottnest Island! One of the best places I’ve travelled to here in WA, and it’s literally a hop skip and a jump from the city. Take a charter boat if you can and pack your floaty, take your snorkels and make sure to hire a bike and ride around the island and explore hidden beaches and coves. There is so much beauty to explore in one little island. My favourite spot there is Little Armstrong bay. Usually no one is there as there is a bit of an uphill bike ride to get there, but once you are there it’s like stepping into the Greek Islands…absolutely breathtaking. And it’s all downhill on the bike on the way back so well worth the effort!

Little Armstrong Bay

How do you balance traveling with kids, running your business and staying healthy?

I must say I definitely struggle with this one the most. I am constantly needing to reassess where I’m at, so I don’t overdo it and burn out. Being a passionate, entrepreneurial woman I have obsessive tendencies when it comes to my work and inspirations. Keeping this in check and juggling this with motherhood has been the biggest challenge. From early on I learnt to ask for help, and receive help to maintain the balance in my life and stay healthy.
I realised I needed a tribe of people to make all this work. I think we need a tribe just to be parents!

I am really lucky to have a lot of amazing people in my life who work with me to make it all happen. I also make sure to eat well, exercise and spend plenty of time at the beach to maintain balance. 


You are an inspirational figure to many young women of today. Many young women look up to you and your style. What would be your main message to them?

Love, accept and be who you are with all your heart. Know that we are all imperfectly perfect just as we are.
Know you are always enough. More than enough. You are a magical being and if you could see you the way I see you, you would never doubt it. You would know you could do anything your heart desires. Ask and allow help when you need it. You are worth all of it and more. Look into the mirror each day and tell yourself ‘I am enough’.

With each inhale, breathe in love, love for yourself, your family, your friends…with each exhale, breathe out gratitude, for all the blessings in life. Focus your attention daily on all these blessings, on all the beauty, wonder, magic of life….keep it there…that is where joy and happiness live.

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