The Ultimate New Zealand Road Trip Adventure
Highlights from the North and South Island
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The Ultimate New Zealand Road Trip

The Ultimate New Zealand Road Trip

Kia Ora!

A New Zealand Road Trip is hands down the best way to discover the country.

The North Island is full of beautiful beaches to explore, while the South Island provides stunning landscapes and many adventures.

Whether you’re visiting New Zealand for a few days or a few months, I hope our video provides some inspiration on where to venture during your NZ road trip.


  • Wind your way up the Coromandel
  • Build yourself a bath at Hot Water beach
  • Swim in the turquoise waters of Cathedral Cove [HINT: Head to Sting Ray Bay, it’s much more quiet than it’s popular neighbour – be sure to BYO snorkel]
  • Hike through Karangahake Gorge and discover hidden waterfalls
  • Wander the hip coastal town of Waihi Beach. At the very southern end of the beach, put your sneakers on for a hike to the beautiful Orokawa bay
  • Surf the world famous left hand point break of Raglan


  • Watch the sunset at Hokitika
  • Enjoy the beautiful scenic drive of the Haast Pass
  • Devour the best fish and chips in the world at Jackson Bay, Haast
  • Enjoy a romantic dinner at Lake Wanaka
  • Canyon Swing in Queenstown
  • Bungy Jump in Queenstown
  • Explore the historic town of Arrowtown
  • Hire a bike and ride to the Queenstown wineries
  • Kayak Milford Sound
  • Watch the rebuild of Christchurch as you wander through the ruins of the city
  • Swim with the smallest and rarest dolphins in the world at Akaroa, the only attempt of a French settlement in NZ
  • Spot the wildlife at Kaikoura – we were lucky enough to get up close and personal to a herd of seals, including little cubs, just off the main highway.
New Zealand Road Trip
Last morning of NZ
  • SUNSCREEN! – The Ozone hole sits very close to NZ, making the sun unbearable at times. Another factor of the UV harshness is that the air is clearer. Smog and pollution can create a layer to protect the earth from the harshness of the sun. We would burn at 7pm in the evening sometimes, so make sure you apply it generously and often!
  • Insect Repellent – The mozzies are bad, the sandflies are ruthless. Layer up! We tried some different brands and I would recommend Bushman Repellent, it seemed to be the strongest repellent. I found this sandfly map to be useful when traveling around NZ.
  • Wetsuit – Even in heat of the summer (we were there in January), very little people were sporting bikini’s and boardies. The average water temperature in Jan is 20 degrees, while February is the warmest month with maximum temperatures hitting 23 degrees. Of course, the winter months (June – Aug) are colder with an average of water temp. of 14 degrees.
  • Layers – Some days can be scorching so shorts and t-shirt or that summer dress are suitable, but at night and once that wind is up, it can be brisk.
  • Rain Jacket – The weather is unpredictable, rain can show up at any time unexpectedly. Always be prepared for the rain!
New Zealand Road Trip
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