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Take a tour of our home – Manly Beachfront

beach pad style

Take a tour of our home – Manly Beachfront

Directly opposite Manly Beach is our breezy, sun drenched apartment. We’ve been lucky to enjoy effortless beachside living here for the last few years. We can smell the salt and hear the waves from every room. Living here is like constantly being on a holiday.

Our style mimics our beachside lifestyle. It is a blend of tropical living and Moroccan Boho, with a few of our treasures sourced from the souks themselves. Neutral tones dominate, however we’ve added a splash of vibrant colours from our eclectic travel collections.

We have Moroccan cushions, rugs and poufs, which reminds us of our terrible bartering skills in the Souks. We have photographs from Bolivia, placemats and blankets from Peru, a surfboard cover from French lace and fabrics, and token homewares from Hawaii and Europe.

As well as travel collections, some of our furniture is recycled. An old electric cable reel has been sanded for a side table. Our coffee table is from recycled timber and an we’ve sanded and hand painted an old tree stump to act as a plant holder. The tree stump is actually lopsided, which adds to the authenticity of it (or at least I tell myself that). The hanging plant has been strategically placed to hide the slant!

We have our indoor home plants to freshen up the air, and eliminate harmful toxins. Indoor plants also reduce stress levels and boost your mood. We have anย Alexander Palm, Banana Palm, Jade Plant, Snake Plant, Aloe Vera, and an array of succulents.

Our beach abode is available to rent on Airbnb. Book now for your ultimate Sydney Beach Holiday.

Shop the look

Sofa: Freedom

Dining Table: Temple and Webster

Pots and pillows: Pillowtalk

Plants: Flower Power

Coffee Table: Barbara’s Storehouse

Surfboard Cover: Custom made by Gypsy Jacket

Canvas Print: The Canvas Factory

Bec Mangan

Bec Mangan is a travel writer and blogger who has set out to share her passion for travel, freedom, surfing, the ocean, and bikinis by creating Bikini Adventures. She has a deep appreciation for good web design, loves creating content and storytelling so she designed and built her Bikini Adventures website herself as a creative outlet to publish parts of her travel journals, blog about new adventures, curate her favourite boutique brands and travel products. It is a platform where anyone longing for liberation from the day to day, can seek freedom and inspiration through her content.

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