Why Costa Rica should be your next romantic adventure getaway
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5 reasons why Costa Rica should be your next romantic adventure getaway

Sunset surfs

5 reasons why Costa Rica should be your next romantic adventure getaway

If you and your partner are the active types, seeking a getaway filled with romance, seclusion and adventure, then it’s time to add Costa Rica to the bucket list.

Not only is Costa Rica abundant with exotic natural wonders that act as a playground for numerous activities, it’s also rich in culture and happiness. According to the Happy Planet Index, Costa Rica is the greenest and happiest country in the entire world, by a substantial lead.

The common saying in Costa Rica is “Pura Vida”, meaning “the pure life”, or “the good life”. Taking your next romantic adventure getaway to a place where the way of life is peaceful, simple, uncluttered with a deep appreciation for nature, family and friends, you and your partner will be transformed to a new state of elation.

Here are 5 reasons why Costa Rica should be your next romantic adventure getaway.

1. The luxury

For ultimate romantic seclusion, why not spoil yourself and consider a luxury rental property in Costa Rica?

From treehouse like estates perched above verdant jungle to infinity pools overlooking stunning vistas, these indulgent accommodation options will have you melting in a heartbeat.

These retreats will provide an absolute haven for you to unwind and relax, allowing the city stress to float away. The quietness and stillness of the surrounds combined with ultimate luxury will take the concept of isolated comfort to an entire new level.

Luxury villa
Luxury Villas, from LuxuryRetreats.Com
infinity pool
Taking in the serenity from a luxury villa
2. The unspoilt coastline

With just shy of 1500 kms of coastline along the Pacific and Caribbean, you’ll no doubt be having romantic long walks along the beach. The vast majority of this coastline remains untouched, free from commercial development, maintaining a raw and authentic vibe.

The alluring white sand beaches are just one feature of Costa Rica’s stunning coastline. The year round consistent, warm swell, bless Costa Rica as a renowned surfing destination for both the seasoned and beginner surfer. Playa Tamarindo, Playa Hermosa and Mal Pais are all renowned surfing spots. Check out Santa Teresa on the Nicoya Peninsula, a beautiful place off the beaten track that delivers turquoise waves, perfect for surfing. The town features a long dirt road running parallel to the unspoilt coastline, speckled with gorgeous cafe’s, restaurants and shops. It is the perfect blend of authentic Costa Rica mixed with just enough infrastructure (such as cafe’s, boutique shops, restaurants, and yoga studios) to feel comfortable. This is a place that is both charming, adventurous, and authentic. Good quality surf boards can be easily rented from any surf store along the dusty road. There are also surf schools should you wish to take up some lessons. Make sure you pack a surfing bikini because the water is nice and toasty!

For an extra special romantic session, paddle out as the sun dips beneath the horizon and admire the changing colours of the sky from the ocean.

If you’re not into surfing, you can still play in the ocean by snorkeling, kitesurfing, renting a SUP, sea kayaking or simply going for a dip.

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
The unspoilt coastline of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
Costa Rica surf
Surfers at Playa Hermosa
3. The sunsets

The epitome of a sunset is romance and relaxation, and after an adventure filled day, there’s nothing better than sitting back and watching the sun make its dramatic, multicoloured exit, perhaps even with a cocktail in hand.

With the expanse of Pacific coastline and the several mountains and volcanoes inland, comes plenty of prime sunset-viewing territory. Or perhaps, it’s the terrace of your luxury villa that you see the sun sink into the Pacific.

luxury villa
Sunset from your Luxury Villa, via LuxuryRetreats.Com

There are plenty of hotels and restaurants that cater perfectly for sunset-watching. They are often perched atop hills, featuring infinity pools that reflect the explosions of colours across the sky at sundown and offer tropical cocktails to compliment the stunning occasion.

Check out Brisas Del Mar, a personal favourite restaurant in Santa Teresa, where you can watch the enormous orange sun glitter over the calm Pacific as you enjoy delicious cuisine.

If you can’t be up high, in a pool or in the surf to catch the last wave of the day, be sure to head somewhere remote and wild.

Infinity pools reflecting the explosions of colours as the sun dips beneath the Pacific Ocean
4. The waterfalls

The layered land of Costa Rica is home to dozens of cascading waterfalls, which are just as beautiful as the country’s beaches and sunsets.
There is just something about jumping off the cliffs of a roaring waterfall, the gushing water dramatically plunging from where you leapt and following your descend against a canopy backdrop. Floating in the pools beneath will most definitely have you inducing a deep state of pura vida.
Most falls are hidden in the rainforest. However, the journey to the falls is just as rewarding as the prize itself. Listen out for local birds and admire the beauty of the lush rainforest.Check out Montezuma Falls, on the Nicoya Peninsula, not far from the the laid back bohemian beach town of Montezuma. The town is charming in itself, offering an abundance of cafes, boutique shops and markets. Beyond the town are a number of falls to jump off and pools to relax in. For prime photo opportunity, head there early before the crowds embark mid morning.

Montezuma Falls, Costa Rica
Jumping off the cliffs of Montezuma Falls
Inducing a deep state of pura vida
5. The Caribbean

If you take a liking to sipping pina coladas and listening to Bob Marley, exploring the underrated Caribbean side of Costa Rica is a must. Exotic nature reserves beckon adventurous goers, while white sand beaches set amongst tropical vegetation, will allow travelers to relax in an easy Caribbean vibe.

One of the most famous nature reserves here is Tortuguero National Park. Here you’ll find wild monkeys hiding in the dense rainforest and endangered green sea turtles nesting on beaches. Check out Puerto Viejo, a vibrant and authentic seaside town with surfing, boutique cafes, a fun nightlife, and a convenient base for wildlife tours such as the Sloth Sanctuary and Jaguar Rescue Centre.  

Costa Rica
White sand beaches set amongst tropical vegetation along the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica
Green sea turtles nesting on the beaches of Costa Rica

Gracias to our partner Luxury Retreats for this sponsored post.


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