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From surfing, snorkelling, diving, sailing and more, explore all the bikini adventures around the world
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Inspired by adventuring around the world in nothing more than a bikini, Bikini Adventures is now connecting the adventurer within you to a selection of boutique travel destinations off the beaten track, through storytelling and travel guides.


Hi, I’m Bec. I’m from Sydney, Australia and reside on Manly Beach. I’m a free spirited ocean lover and adventure seeker.

My affinity with the water has been, and continues to be my compass in all aspects of my life – from the sports I chose to participate in, my hobbies, my lifestyle, from where I live and where I travel.

My childhood consisted mainly of countless tumble turns. From the age of nine, I was constantly training for and competing in swimming events. I progressed through school to state to national competitions until I was 18. When I wasn’t in the pool, I was in the ocean. Swimming laps of Manly Beach, or around the headland to the next beach, now fixated on fish, which was a nice change from the black line.

If I wasn’t swimming, I was surfing, snorkelling, sailing, or paddle boarding. For as long as I can remember, the ocean has been my playground. 


Bikini Adventures
Snorkelling in the Whitsundays, 1998


My parents introduced me to travel from a young age. Fiji, Whitsundays, Europe, South Africa, New York, Broome and New Zealand were some of the places I visited with my family before I turned 18.   


Versailles Palace, France, 1995
Visiting Stonehenge with my Mamma in 1995
New York World Trade Centre
Looking over New York City from the World Trade Centre, 2000

After my eighteenth, I took the initiative to make sure I continued to travel to as many places as I could, sometimes for months at a time while finishing a university degree and building a career in advertising.

When I look back on all my recent travels to Europe, South and Central America, Hawaii, New Zealand, Thailand and Fiji, there is one continuous theme – bikinis and adventure.

So, I set out to share my passion for travel, freedom, surfing, the ocean, bikinis and spontaneity by creating Bikini Adventures.

I love web design, creating content and storytelling so I designed and built this website myself as a creative outlet to publish parts of my travel journals, blog about new adventures, curate my favourite boutique brands and travel products. It is a platform where anyone longing for liberation from the day to day, can seek freedom and inspiration through my content.

Hawaii Sunset Surfs
Waikiki Sunset Surfs, with my Sister, Rach


I am really passionate about exploring places off the beaten track, the unknown, the places that are untouched by mainstream tourists. Navigating through unfamiliar destinations can be daunting, especially for a solo female traveller. My free travel guides equip you with the knowledge you need to travel like a local.


Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
The unspoilt coastline of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

I want to inspire those that it’s possible to travel while still maintaining and building a career. I’ve excelled further in my career by taking time off and exploring the world. For example, I quit my advertising job in 2012 and travelled around South, Central, North America and Hawaii for 5 months. On my return, my old job offered me a promotion and a significant pay rise to woo me back. What I did and saw in just those 5 months out of a possible 40 year career was beyond expectation for both my adventurer within and my career.

Cusco, Peru
Hanging with the locals in Cusco, Peru during my big South America trip

I believe travelling promotes self growth and enables you to discover what truly matters on this earth. It opens your eyes and your mind to the world, to different cultures, different people and different ways of thinking. You test your patience, your fear, your relationships, your strengths and your boundaries.


All we have is now. And when we’re no longer here, it won’t matter how many hours we worked or how much we got paid. What matters is the memories we made, the experiences we had. How many places have you almost seen? How many moments have you lost thinking about the next one?  
Explore my blog and turn your wanderlust into reality. From surfing, swimming, snorkelling, diving, sailing, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, or just relaxing – I’ve got you covered.


Have fun

Love Bec, Bikini Adventures x